Friday, June 12, 2015

Installing PyBrain on Windows

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Before installing PyBrain on windows it is important that you understand the requisites that is to be installed prior to the PyBrain Library. This tutorial will guide you through the simple steps as it is quite a challenging task to install the libraries on windows. Make sure no 64 bit versions of the libraries are installed as they're bound to pop errors. I have attached an archived folder below that contains all the needed files. (Note - 32 bit version). If you're using a 64 bit version of windows it still wouldn't be an issue as it supports 32 bit.

Link to Download the PyBrain Resources

What you need,

  1. Python 2.7 or Greater
  3. numpy 
  4. scipy 
Install Python 2.7 or a higher version on your windows computer. You will find the setup on the archived folder. 

Once it is installed, open up a command prompt terminal on the folder where you copied and type the following command python install and hit enter. You will now see the needed pip packages and libraries being installed. If it is installed properly you will find a Scripts folder inside your Python27 directory which you will find on your C drive. 

Then edit the path environmental variable by appending the following paths, 

Next is to install numpy, you will find a .whl file in the attached folder. Copy the file to your Scripts folder. Then change directory through a command prompt terminal to the Scripts folder and type 
pip install numpy-1.9.2+mkl-cp27-none-win32.whl 

Final step is to install scipy, let's install scipy through a windows executable file. The setup is in the attached folder as the others. Double click and install the file like any other installation.

Scipy and numpy has been installed, you can now install any other python library that requires scipy and numpy as prerequisites. In our case it's PyBrain. So let us install PyBrain now.   

You will find a folder in the name of pybrain-master in the attached folder, CD inside the folder through command prompt and type the command python 
The need packages will be downloaded via the command prompt. If no error is prompt you have installed PyBrain successfully.

To make sure your python libraries are working, go to the python command line and type the following commands,

import scipy
import numpy
import pybrain

If the libraries are imported without an error as shown below, you are good to go.

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